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Hellers Corn Beef


  • Cured and tenderized with a solution of water, sale, sodium erythorbate, sugar, dextrose, flavorings, monosodium glutamate, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, sodium nitrite, sodium nitrite and ficin (vegetable enzyme).
  • 5 gal. Water
  • 5# Seasoning; 10 oz. Cure – Heller’s Corned Beef Seasoning & Cure Twin Pak GU-0040


  1. Dissolve separate 10 oz. package
  2. Add Heller’s Corned Beef Seasoning Unit of 5lbs. and mix.
  3. Stitch pump the briskets with a multiple (2 to 4 needle) spray pump system (or automatic stitch pump) to 20% over their fresh weight.
  4. Cure at 40 degrees F for a minimum of overnight or up to 5 days in their own juices, adding a little pickle to cover if necessary.
  5. Place in cold water in a steam jacketed kettle and raise water temperature to 170 degrees F for cooking. The slower the temperature rise of water (and the meat) the more tenderizing will occur.
  6. Cook until the briskets reach an internal temperature of 152 degrees F or higher.
  7. Drain cook water and chill briskets as rapidly as possible to 40-45 degrees F.
  8. Cry-O-Vac, adding one or two bay leaves if desired.
  9. Hold at 40 degrees F or less until used.
  10. The cooked corned beef briskets should be sliced cold and then the slices warmed in an over or on a steam table in a covered pan.


NOTE: Untenderized corned beef must normally be simmered several hours in order to tenderize it. Through the use of the above methods with Heller’s Ficin Tenderizer the cooked yield will be increased from the normal 80% green meat weight to as high as 95% of green weight.

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