Kent Butcher Supply

Polish Sausage


  • 21.25# Boneless Pork Butts
  • 12 oz. pkg. Kent Polish Seasoning
  • 1# Kent 412
  • __# Enough Water to make a slurry of the seasonings and binder


25# Batch

  1. Grind meat through a 3/16″ plate.
  2. Add mixture of seasonings, binder and water and mix thoroughly until product is well bound (tough and sticky).
  3. Stuff into 35/38 hog casings or a 30mm Coria casing and link.
  4. Product ready for sale.


For a Smoked Polish add 1 oz. Super cure seasoning mixture and refrigerate overnight, place in smoker and smoke until internal temperature reaches 155 degrees.

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*Note: While the above formula and/or process is both accurate and feasible to the best of our knowledge, Kent Butchers’ Supply Co. accepts no responsibliity for product failure or lack of acceptance.