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STS Cure Instructions


  • 1# NW Sweeter Than Sweet Cure
  • 1 Gallon Water


Curing Formula


Cover Pickle for Pork Hocks, Pork Ribs, Turkeys & Chickens

1# NW Sweeter Than Sweet Cure
1 Gallon Water

Cure 12-24 hours
Note: for turkeys over 10lbs, breast and leg joints should be pumped lightly with cover pickle brine first.



Smoked Hams (made from Green Hams) – without the use of a tumbler

1) Mix 1 Gallon of water to 1 3/4# pound of Sweeter than Sweet Cure.

2) Pump Hams 10% and place in same brine (cover pickle) for 5-6 days.

3) Rotate Hams every 1-2 days as the ones on the bottom are in a saltier solution than those on top.

4) Take out of cover pickle and rinse with water and Freshen in cold water for about 2 hours.

5) Hang and place in smokehouse and follow suggested cooking cycle for your type smokehouse.



Smoked Bacon (made from Green Bellies)

1) Mix 2 Pounds of Brown Sugar Bacon Cure in 10 Pounds of Water.

2) Place Bellies in Cover Pickle for 5-7 days.

3) Take out of Brine and Rinse.

4) Hang on smoke truck and process according to your smokehouse cooking schedules.

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